Manuka Ointment 100g

Manuka Ointment 100g


It is well established that the benefits of authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey are endless. Mana Kai, a leading beekeeping company based in the Far North of New Zealand, has partnered with an innovative scientist and Mānuka expert, Dr. Ralf Schlothauer, to bring you an alternative use of this highly demanded honey. The goodness of Mānuka Honey is not only beneficial to us, but to our beloved animals as well.

This newly introduced Mānuka Ointment may be used on every type of animal, for wounds ranging from cuts to burns and abrasions. We have clinically trialed this ointment to ensure that each animal receives the full benefits and effects of Mānuka Honey. The results of these trials have left people like you, and their pets, beyond happy to have

discovered this product.

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