Whangarei Totara Grove School

Recently, Mana Kai Honey was in touch with Totara Grove School in Whangarei who were interested in making bees wax wraps. Mana Kai was privileged to be able to supply Totara Grove School with the bees wax they used to make these wraps.

It is awesome to know that many schools are getting behind the idea of bees wax wraps, a fun and educational project. Totara Grove school’s students became interested in this project after they made an inquiry under the whetu of 'Waita' which signifies Tangaroa, everything to do with the moana. The students became increasingly aware of the negative impact that plastic is having on our moana.

Beeswax wraps have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and because it is water tight, locks in moisture – but does not let it build up – while letting the food naturally breathe, something that plastic wraps, being airtight, will not do.

Beeswax wraps act like a natural barrier, similar to how a fruit’s skin protects its flesh.

Mana Kai is proud to support these educational projects throughout schools in Northland.

Sera Grubb