Introducing Manuka Ointment

As you know, here at Mana Kai we are determined to utilise the benefits of pure, authentic New Zealand Manuka honey in as many ways as possible. After years of extensive research into Manuka honey production and the benefits it brings to people, Mana Kai decided to extend these benefits to a different audience: our animals.

Manuka honey has been discovered to include antibacterial properties that are beneficial not only to our health, but the health of our pets as well. Mana Kai has recently partnered with leading Manuka scientist and researcher, Dr Ralf Schlothauer. Together, we have introduced a unique product, “Manuka Ointment’ for animal wound care.

Manuka Ointment contains the goodness of 80% pure New Zealand Manuka honey which has been laboratory tested and certified, and 20% natural plant oils. Our Manuka Ointment has already been trialed on several clients with wounds ranging from deep cuts, skin irritations and infections; the end results have been astonishing. The clients and trained professionals who used and participated in our trials have regarded the ointment as “phenomenal” and a “god send”.

Our Manuka Ointment is in store now and about to be retailed throughout New Zealand, watch this space…

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Manuka Ointment Animal Wound Care

Sera Grubb