How To Make Your Own BeesWax Food Wraps

Eliminate plastic when keeping food fresh with these homemade beeswax wraps. You can use them to wrap fresh produce, cheese, sandwiches, and can also be used to cover bowls, jars etc.

The best part about wax wraps is that they are reusable! simply rinse under luke warm water and allow to air dry.

Check out the process below to make your own wraps!

Ingredients + Tools

  • Beeswax (found at Mana Kai Honey in multiple sizes)
  • Cotton fabric (we find that patterned fabric is best as the wax leaves a yellow tinge. This doesn't look so pretty on plain colours)
  • A tablecloth that you don’t mind getting wax
  • Scissors (Sharpe ones!)                                                       
  • Wax paper / bake paper
  • An iron
  • A grater 

1. Cut your fabric into the shapes/sizes that you desire. These pieces of fabric need to fit within the confines of your wax paper.

2. Lay the tablecloth down and turn on your iron to warm up. We recommend the cotton setting. Lay down a piece of wax paper and place a piece of fabric on top.

3. You will need to grate your beeswax with the grater into small pieces. Sprinkle the grated beeswax evenly on top of the fabric. You don't need a huge amount of wax, we recommend you start with less and see how you go.

4. Place another piece of wax paper on top of the fabric, and iron gently until the wax melts evenly. Carefully peel off the wax paper while it's still warm. Wave the wrap around in the air for a few seconds while the wax hardens.

5. Drape or hang the wrap over something (suxh as a dish rack) until it's dry. Repeat on all of your fabric pieces.

6. You can trim the wraps once the wrap has cooled down if the edges need tidying up.